Category: Shooting

  • Artillery 1.0

    Mouse to Shoot and Aim rn Keep Mouse left button pressed to dose the Shoot power. There is a minimal power, otherwise the Arty won’t shoot. rn There is a limit in lower angle of fire.


    Arrows – to move Z – to fire (it’s auto) M – Music in game ON-OFF To win the game: Destroy 5x c-130 Destroy 1x B-52 Collect Red Stars for power ups.

  • Ultimate Skeleton Runner 2

    Ultimate Skeleton Runner is a combination of flying distance game and action shooter game, control a giant dragon ridden by a robot and blast all enemies with your guns and weapons, upgrade your ability and run your way to reach maximum distance!rnrnUse arrow keys or AWDS to move to left, right, up and down. Use…

  • HeliCrane 2:Bomber

    You have to take personal control of powerful military helicopter armed of really deadly weapons. rnUse rapidly rotating rotor of copter and every existing calibers to destroy terrorist car. rnExclude enemy to reach the destination. There are complex obstacles, massed fire and pressing speed of car. rnEarn much more coins and bonuses from the accurate…

  • Flash Straight Billiard

    Flash Straight Billiard is a billiard game. Straight type of rules. You are playing against the computer and the first one who scores 8 points is the winner. Use left mouse click to aim, set power and shoot. The longer you hold the left mouse down the more power your shoot will have. Now good…

  • The Last Marine

    Hold the beacon to get the point, Survive and defend the beacon. rn Control Scheme: rn fire: left mouse rn M: Turn sound ON-OFF rn movement: wasd

  • Rambo Wild West 3

    Rambo will test his skill in the wild west world. Use M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M61 Vulcan and Mk 19 Grenade Launcher to get rid of all the enemies on the way!rnrnMouse to shoot, Space Bar to reload, Key: 1, 2, 3 to change weapons.

  • Nock Nock Nocking

    Use your arsenal of arrows in this physics based archery game to dispatch your enemies.rnrnClick on the main character and draw behind him, like your drawing a bow to set your shot angle and power. Release to fire your arrow, and kill the criminals.rnrnAfter you have mastered the game, be sure to give the Level…

  • Truckminator

    Shoot , Crush , Kill horde of zombie using your truck . Kill zombie , win the battle to unlock more weapons . WASD , Arrow Keys to move Mouse to shoot ESC to pause Q to switch to secondary weapon

  • The Aquatory

    Atmospheric underwater shooter. Enemy submarine units are trying to get through the Aquatory! Stop them! A,D to move W,S to switch weapon Mouse to fire Space to enter upgrades screen R to reload and M to mute And don’t forget that you can select gameplay atmoshere in right-top corner of the screen while preloading

  • Icy Gifts 2

    Christmas is in danger! Santa and all of his gifts are frozen. Blast away Santa’s ice encasing using a variety of weapons and power-up’s to save Santa and Christmas! Catch the gifts, upgrade your arsenal of bombs, earn awards and have a BLAST! To unlock Endless Mode, complete all 45 levels of exploding, Santa-saving fun!…

  • Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0

    Customize the ULTIMATE MECHA and rain FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY on the enemy! Arrow keys to move, X to fire.

  • Holi – Play with colors

    Fill the color spray gun by clicking on the buckets. Click to throw color on the vehicles and pedestrians. Make sure that you throw a color different from vehicle/pedestrian color, otherwise you loose points [Left Click] to pick color and to throw color

  • Kubox

    — You can support us with a 5 stars vote on Kongregate ! — ========== EDIT 29/04/2014 – New music : Ouroboros by Kevin McLeod ( – New FX Sounds – A “mute” button ========== The MAD01 canon will shoot some boxes, look at the model on the top of the screen and click…

  • Invasion Fighter ’14

    Arrows to move and left mouse to shoot. Be kind it’s my first game, well level. Shoot the baddies.

  • Martian Patrol: Deathmatch

    This is a demo. Please feel free to leave a comment – give me some feedback. Aim with your mouse. Left click to fire the lasercannon, right click to, later, fire guided missiles. Press [W] and [S] to accelerate and decelerate. [Z] and [X] to zoom in and out.

  • Martian Patrol Deathmatch

    This is a demo. Please feel free to leave a comment – give me some feedback! I prefer using a headset/headphone for better experience. It’s true, it does make it better. high-scores and fullscreen function added. Check out if it works for you, otherwise let me know. Aim with your mouse. [Left click] to fire…

  • Escape The Bullets

    Escape from the bullets [Arrow Keys]

  • Test 2


  • Generic Defense Game

    It’s a survival shooter, a turret defense game, it’s so generic it’s unique! This bad-boy gives you 8 different games in one, with a ton of options to deliver a unique experience every time you play. — Fixed the same-weapon bug and tweeked some settings to make the auto-drones less dominating… hope that helps balance…

  • Project Green

    Weave through mines and avoid projectiles while making it to the end of each level. Arrows to move, mouse to shoot.

  • Army of Destruction

    [NOW WITH MORE LEVELS] This is an action shooter where you have to defend your city from the alien invasion. The game has 15 intense levels, unique story, 6 unlockable weapons, base upgrades and 6 different enemy units. Beat the game and watch the great final. UPDATE: Based on the community feedback, a lot of…

  • Ether Cannon

    Defend earth from gaseous beasts! Rage your way through 21 levels of non-stop action! Be sure to stick around at the end for some cinematic goodies. Also, there’s an unlockable Hard Mode if you beat the game. I finished it, so YES, it is possible! WASD or ARROWS to move. MOUSE to aim and shoot.…

  • Jack the Fugitive

    Follow the story of Jack, as he shoots his way to freedom. Help him find his wife and discover the truth about the world outside the city walls. Grab your ammo and turn the safety off for this run and gun adventure. W,A,S,D / Arrows to run, Q/CTRL pickup weapon, E/Shift switch weapon.

  • Aliens Must Die : The Jupiter Wars

    Coding by Longanimals, Artwork by robotJAM Take control of the last starship and defeat endless rounds of alien bad guys, helped out by your co pilot annie. Arrows or WASD to move, use the mouse to aim, hold down to fire, or use autofire by pressing ‘p’ and then using the option.

  • Destroyer of Worlds

    Its time for the aliens to have their revenge. The only thing standing in their way is some primitive human defenses. With three different endings based on time! Check out my new developer page: Effing Games Use your mouse to move. Click to shoot.

  • Storm the House 3

    “Hands down, the best game since Storm the House 2” ~Barack Obama Spacebar reloads – Z (or mousewheel) switches weapons – P pauses – don’t die.

  • Rudolph’s Red Race

    Rudolph with his nose so bright and loaded with lasers must guide Santa on an action-packed Christmas delivery run whilst collecting red objects to keep his speed and energy up. There are lots of obstacles attempting to thwart you including mischievous kids and vicious flying creatures. Whilst you lead Santa, will you go down the…